This is NOT the real you!

This is NOT the real you! This is the FAKE you.

This imposter has taken over your body…

This imposter is robbing you of the life you were meant to live…

Instead of being who you were meant to be… Trim. Beautiful. Healthy. Happy…

You live as a shell of your real self… 

Overweight, lost, confused, unhealthy, unhappy and far far away from who you should be.

Deep down you know… 

Any second could be it. It could be over. 

Deep down you know 

how big the risks to your health TRULY are…

Shardai was living as her fake self for years…

Overweight, hiding her body, watching her partner eye up other woman constantly, constant chest pains and terrible sleep…

Her relationship ended when she found out her partner was having an affair… 

Life could not get any worse for Shardai…

Then we have Catherine… 

The Imposter was in full control of Catherines body… 

Catherine was a bridesmaid for her best friends wedding…

She was smiling on the outside but she was crying on the inside. She was 43, All of her friends were in great shape, all now married and living incredible lives, but she was afraid of ending up single forever. 

She was over 80 pounds overweight, had no confidence in herself and had been single for 13 years….

Then we have Nikita, who was almost 100 pounds obese.

She was on medication for blood pressure, diabetes and suffered from hyperthyroidism…

Nobody at work respected her. She overheard staff members laughing at her appearance constantly, and on the train as she was going to work, she was told multiple times to “dress appropriately for your weight”

The worst part for Nikita was, her partner NEVER wanted to be intimate with her anymore. Her love life was almost non existent…

These women were all living as the fake version of themselves…Just like millions of other women out there who do not even realize it…

The truth is… 

The harder you diet, the harder you exercise and the more weight loss supplements you take… 

The more power this imposter has over you.

You continue to get fatter and fatter no matter how hard you try…

You continue to funnel more fat into this imposter.

This imposter grows larger and larger.

And before you know it…


You don’t recognize yourself anymore…

This is NOT the real you!!

You might be thinking…
Who Exactly IS This Imposter?
When Will I Know This Fake Version Of me

Has Taken Over me Body??”

The best way I can describe it this…

As A Young Girl Growing up… 

You Expected the best from yourself. 

You expected Life To Be Different to what it is now…

You Never Imagined Looking Like this.

The Fake You Is The LAST Woman You Expected Yourself To Become When You Grew Up...

This Is The Worst Version Of Yourself.

Trapped In An Imposters Body With No Way Out…

This fake version of yourself has made you ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

When you go out…

You hope and pray you dont run into anyone you know 

so they don’t judge you for how much weight you have put on 


how much you let yourself go…

You Are ASHAMED Of Your Body

The Cellulite That Covers Your Legs. 

The Flabby Arms

The Love Handles

The Round Belly

The Chunky Thighs

The Saggy Booty…

You Don’t Fit Into ANY Of Your Old Clothes…


You Keep Them Around Because You Think 

“One Day I Will”…

This day never seems to come…

You Don’t Remember The Last Time You Wore A Bikini

You Have No Confidence in yourself or your body…

You think you will end up alone forever because you wonder 

how anyone can love you if you don’t love yourself in your own skin…

If you have a partner,… 

You wonder if they will stay with you in your current state… 

So far away from your best self… 

So far away from who you were when they first met you… 

You can see how attracted they are to other people…

You HATE The Mirror 

You Are Embarrassed By The Woman Looking Back At You

How do I know these things? 


Because these women told me!


No matter where you are right now… 

No matter how far away you think you are… 

You are in good hands with me… 

Because hope, has finally arrived…

These women you see…  

I Gave Them The Key To Their Dream Body And Their Real Self…

Their BEST self ever.

I Set Them Free!

Shardai is finally her REAL self. 

She lost 

18 pounds in the first 7 days! 

She cannot keep the men away from her anymore. 

She loves showing off her body 

and has 

incredible energy all day!

Shardai lost 

62 pounds 

in 3.5 months

Catherine is the best version of herself

Her dream man 

approached her shortly 

after becoming her real self 


she is now happily married. 

She loves every minute of her life now…

Catherine lost 

97 pounds in 4.5 months

Nikita transformed into her real self


she got off ALL of her medication for her diabetes, 

blood pressure and thyroid.

Nikita is able to wear a bikini for the first time in her life! 

She is in amazing shape!

Nikitas relationship has never been better.

Her intimacy has gone through the roof 


she can’t stop her man

from showing her so much love and attention… 

People at work respect her


adore her and life treats her so much better as 

she is her TRUE self.

Nikita lost 

99 pounds in 5 months...

Just like these women…

You can 

EASILY and effortlessly 

become your 


No matter what your metabolism is like right now, 

no matter how bad your genetics are, 

no matter what kind of medical conditions 

are holding you back right now 

such as

thyroid conditions, diabetes, or physical injuries, 


no matter how many diets 


prorams have failed you in the past… 

My promise to you is that 

this will be the easiest 


most effortless fat loss journey of your life!

If You Stay Until The End… 

My 3 Secrets I share with you 

Will Give You The Key To Becoming 

FREE of the imposter who has taken over your body…  

and I will make sure you have the body of your dreams faster than you ever imagined!

Hi. I’m Coach Shane.

For the last 12 years of my life 

I have been helping woman 

become the BEST version of themselves 


I have helped over 30000 Women

KILL The Imposter Who Had Taken Over Their Body And Finally…

Became Their REAL Self!

Countless women have built a body

they never thought possible using my methods…

I was also a celebrity trainer, athlete trainer and model trainer…

These celebrities and athletes paid me 

$20,000-$40,000 PER MONTH

 to help them get in great shape! 

My countless appearances on the news, magazines and internet articles 

led to me working with some of the biggest names in the 

fitness industry and hollywood.


I gave up working with celebrities 


athletes to focus on every day woman

because they need me more than anyone…

Have a close look my Instagram account.
You can see we have almost


followers on instagram

I can scroll for hours with our countless transformations. 

I have lost count of how many women 

we have taken from their 

worst self ever to their best self ever…

We also have over


5 star reviews 

of my body transformation secrets and methods…

Clients have called me 

“the greatest fat loss coach in the world” 

and they call my methods 


and their results miracle-like.  

I have thousands of Text messages and facebook inboxes

from women who had tried everything before but ended up fatter than ever… 

And by using my secrets,

they melted fat on autopilot 

while eating more food than they ever had and doing less exercise.  

My secrets work for every single woman who uses them.

No matter who you are,

what your situation is,

how many diets have failed you in the past 


how hard it is for you to lose weight and keep it off…


Use these women as proof that 

no matter who you are 


 how bad you think your situation is…

You can literally


as much fat as you want off your body 

until you have uncovered your dream body 


become your true self…

Whether you are

20 years of age 30,40,50,60


70+ years of age


Whether you are a mother, grandmother 

or a single woman just looking to get in shape…

Many of the women 

I have helped were unable to lose

any weight in the past due to thyroid issues,

horrible genetics, bad metabolism, diabetes, physical injuries,

but using my system…

They all burned through all of their fat to see a sexy,

toned dream figure underneath…

How can I be so confident?


My system has never failed

any woman who has used it…

And you know what makes me extra confident??

Because I am NOT like everyone else…

I actually know the pain you feel 


As you can see…

The Imposter had taken over my body as well. 

I grew up overweight…

Everything you have been through…

I have been through too.

I was a fat, broke and depressed personal trainer.

The only people who hired me were people who couldn’t afford to hire anyone else…

Every diet, meal plan, exercise routine or supplement you can think of 

I had used

Nothing worked for me

I ate no carbs

I trained in the gym for 1.5 hours (5 x per week) 


I went for jogs in the morning.



To make matters worse…

I would get laughed at and doubted behind my back about my weight constantly.

“That guy is a personal trainer? 
He needs to HIRE a personal trainer”
– I often heard gym members say.


“Starting ANOTHER diet Shane?”
– Coworkers asked in a sarcastic manner while patting my belly (they were blessed with amazing genetics, a great body and a fantastic metabolism…
They never needed to ‘diet’. 
They couldnt understand my situation)


“Sweetie. Just give up. Dieting doesn’t work for our family”
– My own mother

I tried so hard to create change and become the man I wanted to be, 

but everything I tried ended in disaster.

I got fatter every single time.

One day…

I woke up out of breath and clinched my chest immediately.

My heart was thumping through my chest.

My wife called an ambulance right away…

When I woke up…

The doctor was standing over me looking

extremely disappointed.

“You are in your 20’s, yet you suffered a heart attack. This doesn’t happen too often”

He went on to tell me that my body was too big

and my heart was not able to pump enough blood through it…

Which caused the heart attack.

He told me to lose weight immediately…

When I was discharged, 

I fell into the deepest depression of my life.

I had already tried everything to lose weight

and nothing worked for me.

I felt like it was only a matter of time until another heart attack hit me…

And took my life this time.

I had no other ideas,

options or ways of losing weight because I already starved myself. I already killed myself inside of the gym and outside.

I had no idea what more I could do…

I returned to the gym


dragged my mopey body over to a treadmill to start a 3 hour running session…

It was the only idea I had left 

And then this guy walked over to the machine next to me.

“Hi. My name is Mark. 

I hope you don’t find this rude. 

I am a professor specializing in obesity.

I overheard your co-workers were talking about you having a heart attack” he said.

“I have seen you come into this gym for months and spend hours here.

I see you eating your chicken breast from a container daily.

I see yo.u running on the treadmill machine constantly.

During this time I have watched you gain a lot of weight.

Now it’s none of my business so I never said anything…

But I want to help you

You are doing it ALL WRONG.

So before you get yourself KILLED,

I want to show you the REAL way of losing fat easily and effortlessly.”

I was Extremely Skeptical. Angry. Tired.

This guy didn’t know me and what I had been through.



I let him talk because I had 3 hours to kill on the treadmill. So he did.

And in those hours…

The Secrets he showed me and the Proof he showed me changed my life forever…

My mind was blown. 

It was a braingasm. 

It finally made sense to me why I could not lose fat no matter how hard I tried.

I took action RIGHT away. 

And In 3 months…

I was a new me.

I Lost 

57 pounds in 3 months.

Using Professor Mark’s Secrets…

I finally became THE REAL ME!

The Imposter who once had FULL power over me was FINALLY Dead.

The REAL Shane was finally born…

All of this was done through a process

called ‘Adipose Discharge’ 

which I will explain shortly…

After everyone in the gym saw what I accomplished,

they ALL wanted my help to become THEIR BEST SELF.

Ever since then, 

I have spent my life helping woman just like you complete safe,

easy and permanent fat loss transformations…

Women like Linda… 

After turning 40, her metabolism completely shut down.

She could not stop gaining weight with 3 young kids, 60 hours of work per week and poor eating habits. 

Linda felt her own kids were ashamed of her by not wanting to be seen with her….

But using my methods 

she lost 7 pounds per week

on a consistent basis to melt 

82 pounds of fat in less than 4 months! 

Her kids treat her like wonder woman now and always want to show her off. 

She is in the shape of her life. Linda said:

Or my client Jason.

Who was severely depressed after a terrible bitter divorce.

Jason had no thyroid, developed diabetes and was prematurely aging…

He looked 10-15 years older…

But working with me, 

he lost 88 pounds in 3 months,

looks younger than ever, 

reversed his diabetes and found the true love of his life.  Jason said:

Women like my Rita,

whose abusive relationship, binge eating 


hormonal imbalances led to her being overweight.

She lost 45 pounds in 2.5 months. 

I helped her become her best self ever 

and then become my partner and fellow Coach

and she has been helping me

transform women’s lives for 8 years. Rita said:

These women and men you see were just like you…

People born with bad genetics, slow metabolism 

and health issues that got worse as they got older…

But the 3 Fat Loss ‘Hacks” that are in my system… 

Which I am going to share with you in just a minute… 

Will change everything…

These Secrets are so powerful,

they can turn overweight and obese women into incredibly beautiful beings who look just like the models you see on TV, the actresses in hollywood, 

or the best bodies you have seen in your life…

You see… 

‘Adipose Discharge’, 

is a phenomenon the lucky, genetically blessed women were born with…

But I will show you how to EASILY activate it as well…

So you will be just like these women…

People will think YOU have been BORN with amazing genetics, 

that you are blessed with an incredible metabolism and that you have a God Given perfect body…

Your friends will look at you in amazement and jealousy

Your family will ask you how you did it.

Your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you and if you are single…

Men will be flocking to you every time you are out.

I know this because 

over 30,000 women 

have told me how their life changed after using these secrets. 

Normal, every day women who were not dealt the best hand in life were suddenly turning into wonder woman with the world at their feet…

This will be you if you take action!


There is a shocking revelation you need to know RIGHT NOW… 

Before it’s too late….

It is 100% NOT YOUR FAULT 

that you are stuck right now.
You most probably have a very serious condition you may not know about….

The very thing that is causing you to get fatter and fatter no matter how hard you try to lose weight…

This condition is FATAL and millions of Women and Men are unsuspectingly suffering from it.

It literally is KILLING millions of women every year…

It is known as…

Metabolic Damage


Meaning no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do, it is pointless. 

It is irrelevant…

This condition makes your body think it is dying of starvation,

so no matter what you do, every piece of food,

no matter how healthy the food is, is converted into PURE FAT CELLS….

When Professor Mark shared this with me… 

I could not believe it.

I REFUSED to believe it…

But Professor Mark whipped out countless research papers 

which gave me UNDENIABLE PROOF.

You see

The people who want us to suffer the most,

gain the most weight and develop the most deadly medical conditions…


Our Very Own Government Is Cutting Our Lives Short For A Dollar

You see…

63 years ago, 

the Government had this HUGE debt and they wanted to find an income stream to help them pay it off.

They saw that they made nearly no money from the population because everyone was trim, fit and healthy.

So they got their scientists to come up with a way to make more money from us…

Government Scientists discovered there is a condition that

makes fat loss IMPOSSIBLE called Metabolic Damage.

This condition is so severe,

no matter how hard you try,

how strict you eat or what you do…

you will only get fatter…

These Government Scientists found that this condition was activated the fastest with a severe and strict the diet. 

The more restrictive the diet, the more damage was done to a human metabolism!

So in essence…

Metabolic Damage is caused by Dieting…

The reason for this is that the human race is designed to SURVIVE in times of no food…

Hundreds of years ago when we hunted and captured our food, we could go long periods without catching anything and we would starve.

So many people would starve to death…

But then, the human body did what it does best.


The Human Body developed a Survival Mechanism called Metabolic Damage, which:



It does this to prevent us from burning through all of our fat and passing away. 

Almost 65% of women are overweight today! 

How can we be getting fatter as a population when 

there are literally thousands of diets in today’s day and age to help us lose weight?

Doesn’t make sense right?

Why is our obesity rate skyrocketing like this when 

it should be going down with all the weight loss supplements, diet programs, apps and routines?

How does this make any sense?

63 years ago,

Less than 5% Of The Population Was Overweight…

Today, almost 65% of women are overweight or obese!

Here is a photo demonstrating the average weight

and bodies of women 63 years ago compared to today…

The proof is right in front of us…

If there was no such thing as ‘dieting’ 


‘weight loss supplements 63 years ago…

Why were less than 5% of the population overweight?

Why are there so many ‘diets’ and ‘weight loss supplements available today…

Yet we are fatter than ever?

Over half of the population is overweight and this number keeps climbing…

The reason is…

Diets KILL Your Metabolism.

Weight Loss Supplements DESTROY your metabolism.

The Drugs they make you rely on when you are overweight DAMAGES your metabolism…

These things make Metabolic Damage FAR WORSE!

Think about your own situation.

How much money have you spent on Diet Programs,

Weight Loss Supplements, Workout Routines?

Lost count right??


Me too.

Did you ever achieve your 

Dream Body long term and become your REAL Self?

Did you manage to keep any of that fat off for good?


Otherwise you wouldn’t be here…

Still looking for a solution to all your weight loss problems after all these years…

This is all Our Governments fault.

Everything is about money, profits and greed…

You have been set up to fail from the very beginning.

So you see…

Everything that has been taught to you is a lie.

Diets like Keto, Atkins, Low Carb, Low Calorie,

Paleo, Meal Replacement Shakes, Meal Prep ALL cause Severe Metabolic Damage.

Your body is NOT made to Starve and lose Nutrients…

95% of Weight Loss Supplements Do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The 5% that do work short term cause further Metabolic Damage by harming your thyroid, over-stimulating your heart rate and poking holes in your metabolism…

The Fitness Gurus you watch on YouTube, Instagram Or


Why would you take fat loss advice from someone who has NEVER had to lose a pound?

They tell you that “You need to workout more”


“No excuses” “You don’t want it bad enough”


Then, when you become overweight…

Your doctor prescribes Drugs to help you “manage” your health.

Haven’t you noticed that the Drugs they prescribe never CURE anything,

but only “MANAGE” your condition?

This is because The Pharmaceutical Industry which makes these drugs


The worst part is…

Many of these medications actually causes

Metabolic Damage to get worse


makes Fat Loss Almost IMPOSSIBLE!


You Are Stuck On A Fat Gaining Hamster Wheel…

Stop repeating this vicious cycle! 

Look at our countries obesity rate compared to Japan. 

Japan does NOT believe in dieting, has little to no weight loss supplements and they barely prescribe medication…

Yet they have the healthiest, skinniest and longest living women…

This is all the evidence you need that you MUST BREAK THIS VICIOUS CYCLE!

Does this cycle sound familiar?

You start a new diet and feel good about yourself,

you lose a little weight in the beginning,

but then metabolic damage kicks in and weight loss stops dramatically!

So you give up, start binge eating and turning to junk food…

Then fat gain is rapid! 

After this you turn to supplements for a solution

and your metabolic damage gets worse…

Now you have gained so much weight and health issues,

you need medication just to live…

And When You Fail.

The World Convinces You It Was Your Fault 


That You Did NOT Try Hard Enough…

So you repeat this process again even more aggressively and damage your metabolism EVEN MORE

You give this fake you so much power over you,

you cannot seem to break free no matter how hard you try…

The Worst Part Is Women Suffer

7 Times Stronger Effects Of Metabolic Damage

Due To The Fact That Their Body Is Designed To Make Sure The Human Race Lives On And give life through (Child Birth)

This Means Women Have 


Time Losing Weight And Keeping It Off.

So All Of These Things Have Been FAR MORE Damaging To You Than A Man..


It’s time to STOP living this way…. 

This is the OLD way!

This is the way The World wants you to live.

I am going to give you a NEW way.

A better way

An easy way


I am going to give you THE BEST WAY 

to break free from this imposter and become your REAL self…

The 3 Secrets I’m About To Share With You

Will Help You Lose Fat So Easily…

Fat will literally FLY off your body
I Will Give You
The Keys To Finally Becoming the REAL You…

As a little girl…

You imagined becoming a woman who could conquer the world and do anything! 

The woman you dreamed you would become as a little girl…


You ARE This Woman Deep Down!

You Need To Let Her Out…

This is the BEST Version of You.

Beautiful. Trim. Sexy. FULL of confidence.

FULL of energy. FULL of Life.

You LOVE Looking In The Mirror

You Are AMAZED At The Woman You See Looking Back At You .

You LOVE Your Body And Look For Any Excuse To Show It Off

The Toned Legs and Trim Arms, The Defined & Sculpted Mid Section

The Perky Booty, The “Hourglass Figure” Body

Your Clothes Don’t Fit…

Because You Have Never Been This Slim In Your Life!

You Need A Whole New wardrobe that shows off your amazing figure instead of hiding it…

You look for ANY excuse to wear a bikini now

You Earned It!

You are full of energy, life and happiness

Your confidence is overflowing!

You have a natural ‘glow‘ to you


This is the REAL You!!

Who You Were Always Meant To Be

Look at maddison…

She Struggled with her weight ever since she was a little girl…

She was too ashamed to eat in front of people 

because she felt they would judge her and what she was eating…

after spending over 15 years trying diets like 

keto, paleo, weight watchers and spending thousands on supplements…

in her early 30’s,

she found my secrets and finally made the breakthrough 


became her best self by

losing 66 pounds in 3.5 months. 

Now she is Full of confidence, wearing skin tight dresses she only dreamed of wearing.

Or Renee…

Who was over overweight and dealt with social anxiety, crippling fear

and was afraid of never finding love 

because she could not even make conversation with a man…

She came to me to help her get ready for her sisters wedding

because she had to say a speech


was having panic attacks just thinking about it…, 

In 3 months, Renee lost 50 pounds


she became a totally different person… 

She rapped a song for her sister!

From social anxiety to rap queen.

This proves that life is totally different 


so much better when you are your real self.


We have the woman who changed my life…


Who sent me this email telling me that just like me,

she had a heart attack before her 30th birthday…

She told me tried everything to lose weight with no luck….

She told me she was also trying to get pregnant for years with no luck.

She told me that she saw no way out of her miserable situation and was desperate for help…

This email broke my heart…

It shook me to my very core…

After this email,

I gave up working with all of my celebrity clients

because that did not fulfill me…

and I made women my entire focus…

And in 5 months of working with Marina,

She lost 118 pounds 

and became her REAL self…

She had a beautiful baby girl,

helped her husband lose over 120 pounds

and now is living her best life as her best self in perfect health

These women ended up living amazing lives

when they broke free of this imposter

and became the women they truly are deep down…

Now it’s your turn!

If you use these Secrets, 

you will trigger an amazing effect in your body called 

Adipose Discharge where your body will


And use them as fuel, burning through the fat cells at supersonic speeds.

Instead of fat being stored in your body,

it is now used as energy and processed and burned off by your body

The women who can get away with eating

whatever they want while having beautiful bodies 

that they don’t have to work hard for automatically were the lucky ones born

with this happening to their body without trying…

But don’t worry,

every woman can activate it with the right system.

I will show you how to do that right now.

So without further ado,

here we go!

Melt Endless Fat By Reversing Metabolic Damage

The first secret is so simple and amazing, it is responsible for almost ALL of my clients transformations.

I have estimated that over 3 MILLION Pounds of Fat have been lost using this Secret from my clients alone (my 50,000+ clients I have worked with over the years)

The secret is this:

Just like your metabolism shuts down 

and develops Metabolic Damage when you starve and deprive your body…

Your body can actually supercharge it’s metabolism if you do 

THE OPPOSITE and increase your food the right way…

So instead of cutting out food,

you increase it in the right amounts.

It’s called a Micro Vivacity Bump

This basically means increasing your food in such a small amount

that your body does not realize more food is coming in…

You need to wait before you increase your food every few days

otherwise your body WILL notice if you do it too often and you will gain fat.

Wait 5-7 days before increasing again.

If you increase your food in the right amount 

and at the right times,

the results are miraculous.

My clients double or triple their food intake

and more in many cases

(while losing fat like crazy!)

This is what metabolic damage is causing right now…

All the food is being stored as pure fat as your body thinks it is starving…

Everything is converted into fat cells…

But using this simple secret,

your body will reverse its metabolic damage 

and use all that food as energy instead of storing it as fat. 

It’s so simple…

This is EXACTLY how Claudia 

lost 110 pounds in 6 months 

without even trying while doubling her food.

This is exactly how Jamie

lost 25 pounds and sculpted her body

to perfection in 2 months 

while almost tripling her food and feeling better than ever. 

This is exactly how Robert doubled his food and 

lost 67 pounds in 3 months

I will give you STEP by STEP training on this to make sure it works for your body…

But next, secret 2…

Supercharge Fat Burning With The PERFECT Diet

Almost every diet in the world focuses on 





This is why these diets work for a very short time

until your body suffers Metabolic Damage

The diet I am about to show you will nourish your body,

boost your metabolism and make fat loss stupidly simple.

The key ingredients for fat loss is eating the

PERFECT combination of Fiber and Protein together which creates a condition called:

Thermogenic Metabolite Excretion

This means that your body will work overtime 

and burn calories at 4,5,6, even 10 times the normal speed.

This is because your body actually cannot properly digest fiber.

And your body also has to work 3 times as hard to digest protein.

So eating too much of these ingredients is


Eating too little has no effect…

But if you eat them in the perfect amount,

you create a Fat Burning Storm that melts fat effortlessly 

as your body supercharges your metabolism

due to having to work so hard to burn these ingredients

And the added bonus?

You can now eat plenty of Carbohydrates and Healthy Fat

In your Diet because your body will just use them as fuel to speed up

the Fat Burning Storm you have just created!

This is the EXACT method I used to melt 

57 pounds in 3 months

while eating food I loved every single day…

Or Scott.

Who was told he would not be alive in 2 years for his 50th Birthday.

He failed at every diet he tried…

But using this approach,

he lost 115 pounds in 4.5 months

Or Charlene

Who was in her mid 50’s.

With one of the slowest metabolisms and worst genetics I have ever seen…

She got tired just lifting her grandchildren.

She lost 111 pounds in 5 months

using this method. 

Your going to master how to lose fat effortlessly eating food you love as well.

The Gym is Making you FATTER! A LOT Fatter

Thousands of women

have come to me after spending 6 days in the gym doing 2 hour sessions.

These women are eating good clean “healthy” diets,

yet they cannot seem to make any progress…

If you have a look at your gym right now,

how many people do you see looking the EXACT same as they did when they started… 

Or worse…

How many have gained weight since they started ?

My guess is that almost everyone makes minimal progress or gains weight at the gym.

The reason for this is 98% of people

follow the WRONG routine at the gym.

This is because your body enters an Energy Saving Mode

by releasing a Hormone

called Cortisol into your body whenever it feels overly “stressed” or “tired”.

This hormone that slows down your metabolism drastically so you conserve energy. 

This means your body is no longer burning any calories or fat anymore. 

Fat loss is next to impossible…

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We Have MILLIONS Of Gyms Opening

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Low Impact High Output Activity

What this means is you do low impact activities

that your body does not pick up any stress from to burn tremendous amounts of fat per day!

I have had clients lose 3-5 pounds per day

and I had to tell them to immediately slow down

as this is losing fat at an unhealthy rate…

The trick is to make sure your body is not picking up

on stress signals during these activities because as soon as it does…

Fat Loss Stops!

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