Change your life forever! Achieve the DREAM BODY you always WANTED!
The Dream Body Academy Assures only the BEST RESULT For you.

“I lost 38 pounds and I went from a size 10 to a size 4 in 7 months”
– Tess

“I came across Kaiser Fit on Facebook one night and started listening to Shane and it was at the most perfect time. It was like he was speaking directly to me!

That same day I received a call from my doctor telling me my cholesterol was a little elevated and that I needed to eat healthier and exercise. I felt that finding this program was a sign to let me know that I had to do something. My health was my main concern. I also have been doing brand ambassador work for several brands and I was not happy with my appearance.”

Are You Ready For Your OWN Transformation?

“We never could have imagined this journey being so easy. 

No restriction, very easy exercises and for me… 

MOST importantly… 

No loose skin (thank Goodness!)

Hear How Linda Achieved Her Dream Body...

“When I hit my 40’s, my body changed completely.

My metabolism was not the same as it was in my 20’s and 30’s
– Linda

But this program helped me get in the best shape of my life
(even better than in my 20’s where I was hitting the gym 5 times per week!)

“I have never seen progress come so fast”

“Every time someone in my life complains about their weight
I just tell them to try KaiserFit

“I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about how I was going to say a speech
in front of 500 people for my sister’s wedding”

– Renee

“When you love your body and yourself… You will surprise even yourself with your confidence”

Let's Create Your Transformation Story Together

Metabolic Damage Has Taken Away MILLIONS of Women’s Ability To Lose Weight…

In 2020… Everything Changed…

We Gave Women The Key To Unlocking Their Best Self Ever

(Their TRUE Self)

Women Are Experiencing It EVERY SINGLE DAY In Our Private Group…

They are waking up to the TRUTH about weight loss.
They are looking at themselves transform before their very own eyes every single day…

Now that they have seen the TRUE path to effortless weight loss, they will never look back.

What about you? Are you ready for your own transformation??
If you are ready to embark on this journey and become your best self ever… 

TRUE self…

Then your lifelong journey of looking for a solution is over!

Just like the women you see before you…

Are You Ready For Results Like These?

“Once the intimacy started dying in my relationship… I took action”
– Nikita

“Let me just tell you…
The intimacy came back in NO TIME!”

“Through it this…
My proudest moment was when I was able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life”

– Nikita

“I got to a point in my life where I was ashamed to go out…

In case I ran into someone I knew and they saw how much I bigger I had become” 

“I am a totally different person today… I LOVE going out and running into people. I LOVE taking photos. I LOVE myself and who I have become.

KaiserFit’s program, the community and the coaches have given me a new lease on life”

– Shardai

“Let me just tell you…
The intimacy came back in NO TIME!”

“Through it this…
My proudest moment was when I was able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life”

– Shardai

“When I hit 40… My biggest fears began to surface.
Ending up alone forever was my biggest fear”

“Also… Seeing myself in photos DEVASTATED me… Photos showed me just how far I had let myself go”

– Catherine

“Coach Shane. The Kaiserfit team. The community. They showed me a better way than Keto. Paleo. Low Carb. They gave me a real sustainable path to fat loss, incredible motivation and accountability.”

– Catherine

“Today I am living the life as the woman I always dreamed of being. In her dream body with her dream man!”

– Catherine

After Finding Me And Joining Our Family…
They Discovered The TRUE PATH To Become Their REAL Self.

You see… The reason why Other programs have not worked for you is that they have focused on diets that cause ‘False Hope’.

With super restrictive diets like low carb, low calorie, Keto, Paleo… The weight loss that excites you is not even ‘fat loss’ but water loss and carb loss because these diets are so restrictive…

This means you get super excited about the sudden drop in weight, but you have lost NO FAT AT ALL!

Hence the name ‘False hope’. You have gotten excited about dropping water, salt and carbs out of your body…

Then what happens? Well… Your metabolism is slowly getting destroyed.

Because you were so excited about this drop in ‘weight’ from these super restrictive diets, you continue your new diet with all you got…

But suddenly, nothing is dropping anymore…

You are eating next to nothing and your body REFUSES TO CHANGE!

This is due to a phenomenon known as ‘Metabolic Damage’.

Your body is now adapted to super low calories and your metabolism is suppressed… So when you have one naughty meal or stop your diet… HUGE weight gain follows!

Then… It gets even worse.

Your body then gets stuck in a vicious trap where you cannot lose weight on your diet anymore. But you also cannot get off your diet as you will gain weight rapidly due to Metabolic Damage

This is why my approach is COMPLETELY different…

My 3 Phase system will tune your metabolism to perfection, double or triple the amount of food you eat AND have you lose the easiest fat of your life.

This is the same EXACT system I used to go from an overblown balloon, to a toned muscular version of me. The BEST version of me!

And this is EXACTLY how I became a celebrity trainer, athlete trainer and become one of the leading body transformation authorities around the world.

And also how I have gone on with my team to help transform THOUSANDS of women worldwide

Women have called my methods “crazy”, “unbelievable” and “life changing”.

I will show you how to become the best version of yourself in no time flat

No matter what your situation is. How much weight you want to lose.
OR what your circumstances are…

Everything about this program is different…

You have been lied to about products that were overhyped, scammy and trash.

I have been burned many times myself…

But what I have built is something completely different.

With over 4000 members of our private community, and over 12 community managers and coaches to help you 24/7, you will NEVER be left alone in the dark.

We will help you every step of the way to get your Dream Body and become your REAL self!

You have been lied to about products that were overhyped, scammy and trash.

I have been burned many times myself…

But what I have built is something completely different.

With over 4000 members of our private community, and over 12 community managers and coaches to help you 24/7, you will NEVER be left alone in the dark.

We will help you every step of the way to get your Dream Body and become your REAL self!

Here is EXACTLY how you are going to become YOUR Real Self…

Countless Women Who Have Tried Every Single Diet And Program Before Ours Have All Said The Same Thing…

“The Dream Body Academy has given me the best results of my life in the shortest period of time”

And that is because we literally TRAIN your metabolism to eat more food and process fat through a process called ‘Adipose Discharge’

While other programs have you on super restrictive diets, we actually use the process known as Adipose Discharge to TRAIN your body to eat more food and burn fat on autopilot.

‘Adipose Discharge’ is EXACTLY how you will reverse metabolic damage and teach your body to eat more food while losing fat effortlessly.

This process will use your fat stores as energy and burn through excess fat while doubling or tripling your rate of fat loss TREMENDOUSLY.

It is the exact process our women use to get the BEST results of their life in the fastest time possible.

It Is The Exact Process Our Women Use To Get The BEST Results Of Their Life In The Fastest Time Possible

These women improved their metabolism so much…

That they now look and feel like they have been blessed with INCREDIBLE Genetics and an AMAZING Metabolism

You can too.

Any woman can do this!

Everything about this System is COMPLETELY different from anything you may have tried…

Access Your Coaches And Community Members ANYTIME For Help

INSTANT Access The Dream Body Academy The Most Powerful Transformation System In The World

Join Our AMAZING Family On This Journey...

See What Other Women Are Doing To Get Results

Once You Complete Your Own Transformation…
You Can Graduate To A Coach or Community Manager and Help The Women In Our Family

You get to join the best coaches and transformation specialists in the world and have access to them 24/7 to help you every step of the way.

Instead of being lost, stuck, confused and giving up… You can actually ASK for advice and help ANYTIME and know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to continue losing weight and becoming successful on this transformation journey.

Weight loss has never been easier!

With almost 15 world class coaches and community managers in the group, you will never be alone.

Help is one post away…

Unlimited help and support 24/7 every time you need help…

Motivation dying? Falling off the rails?? Women on this journey share their results daily which will INSPIRE you to continue your journey!

Have an issue holding you back from losing weight?

Accountability posts from our coaches will inspire you to stick to your plan

Incredible community of women to help you

Access The Dream Body Academy

The Most Powerful Transformation System In The World

Are You Ready For Results Like These?

“I LOVE eating. Food is my passion. And if I can enjoy life and eat great food WHILE trimming down, any woman can do it. All it takes is a little bit of planning. This program is a Godsend”

“This is the best I have EVER felt about myself. I did it at 43 years old. Whatever your circumstances are, this program will help you overcome them.”

“People don’t even recognise me anymore. I get emotional sometimes thinking about how far I have come. Coach Shane is a legend. To say that he changed my life does not give the man and his program enough justice”

Everything you will need is right here...

This Is The MOST Advanced Transformation System EVER Created

Here Is What You Can Expect:

And $5070 worth of FREE Bonuses

We Have NEVER Given Away So Much For FREE…

BONUS #1: ($3000 Per Month FREE)
Unlimited Coaching
Get the Ultimate Support System With Unlimited Coaching and Support From Two Master Trainers Who Are The Best Transformation Coaches In The World

BONUS #2: ($997 FREE)
Fat Loss Super System Video Program
Advanced Video Program PACKED With Secrets Showing you EXACTLY how to melt fat STEP BY STEP. Fat Loss Will Never Be The Same Again. You Will Be Melting Pounds Of Fat Off Your Body In Your Sleep.

BONUS #3: ($79 Per Month FREE)
Private Facebook Group
You NEED Help. You NEED Support. You NEED Motivation. You NEED A Community. You NEED Accountability. This is why you will Join The Women Who Are on This Journey with you In Our Private Facebook Group.

BONUS #4: ($99 FREE)
Dream Body Planner
Get This Magical Spreadsheet that can GUARANTEE you lose fat and make sure your fat loss never stalls EVER again!

BONUS #5: ($199 FREE)
Rapid Fat Loss Exercises
The Worlds Best Kept (Yet Stupidly Simple) Exercises That Any Woman Can Do To Burn Thousands Of Calories Per Day (Basically A Pound Of Fat Per Day) While Feeling Absolutely NO STRESS ON THE BODY!

BONUS #6: ($497 FREE)
Unconventional Fat Loss Secrets Video Course
The World Has Been Keeping These Secrets From You Which REALLY Make Fat Loss SUPER EASY and SUPER SIMPLE…This Course Will Reveal EVERYTHING!

BONUS #7: ($199 FREE)
Meal Plans, Recipes & Grocery Lists
Our clients who have lost the most fat used these EXACT Meal Plans, Recipes and Grocery List To Lose Countless Off Their Body…

They Are All Yours!


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“I was an out of shape personal trainer embarrassed going to work every day. This program changed my life so now I spend my days helping woman do the same and become the best version of themselves ever.”

“Forget everything you have learned in the past. It is all BS. The Dream Body Academy is the only program you will ever need”

You are probably thinking

“That’s great Shane… But will this work for me?”

Or even

“My situation is different. I don’t know if this will work for me”…

Countless women in our community have managed to lose weight with conditions like:

▪️ Back issues and mobility issues
▪️ Foot injuries
▪️ Thyroid conditions
▪️ Surgery and surgery complications
▪️ Food allergies
▪️ Crazy work and family schedules

No matter what your life conditions are… This System is 100% customizable to help you lose weight!

Some women had medical conditions. Other Women had injuries. Other women had mental barriers preventing them from succeeding…

Let me put your mind at ease.

I have NEVER met a client who has not achieved the EASIEST transformation of her life.

The reason being this System has been tested for well over 12 years and refined to becoming better and more effective EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

I have also mastered the art of weight loss for women no matter what their challenges are.

No Matter What Your Life Looks Like…
You Can STILL Enjoy The Easiest Fat Loss Of Your Life!

“I am a picky eater/cannot eat certain foods. Will this work for me?”

The one thing I have noticed in my 12 years of helping women transform is ‘Diets’ do NOT work…

As soon as you bring this word into your life, your chances of success drop DRAMATICALLY!

This is why the Dream Body Academy focuses on food you love and enjoy no matter what that is by using our special ‘80-20 Eating’.

This way of eating is structuring your eating plan around food you LOVE and ENJOY eating while maximising the fat burning effect.

This is why the ‘80-20 Eating’ is divided into 3 Phases:

Phase 1 – Testing Phase

The first week is all about reviving your metabolism and training your body to eat as much food as it can handle FILLED with foods you love and enjoy every day

Phase 2 – Metabolism Boosting Phase

This phase is about increasing your food in the perfect increments to boost your metabolism dramatically while losing weight

Phase 3 – Maximum Fat Burning Phase

Your metabolism is now in PEAK condition! Now we move into maximum fat loss phase where we structure your eating plan and exercise plan to lose weight at rapid pace WHILE loving what you eat every single day

Countless women are seeing the incredible benefits of this way of eating

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Get the Dream Body Academy

$5070 Worth Of Bonuses For The Lowest Price Ever…