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Queen Intra Work is a BCAA formula that doesn’t give you a half-baked result. The perfect solution for post-workout muscle loss, muscle fiber damage, and soreness. Good for pre, during, and post workout sessions! For a leaner, toner Muscle. Formulated Especially for women’s muscle needs!

queen Intra

Tone your muscles to your preference

Queen Intra-Workout Aminos
The Perfect muscle toner formulated especially for women!

You are not really achieving your
Dream Body by JUST losing weight alone…
Do you Dream Body Justice by gaining
LEAN and TONED Muscles!

A BCAA formula Especially Formulated
for women's muscle needs!

The Perfect muscle toner formulated especially for women!

We know in your journey of Achieving your Dream Body, you would want more than just to lose weight!

Gaining just the right amount of muscle is the goal of Every Queen in the Dream Body Academy

But as hard as it is to lose weight, So as it is HARDER to achieve the Lean Body Muscle you desire

Because what you don’t know, when you start to put effort into losing weight and gaining lean muscles, the body naturally breaks down muscle tissue in the process.

So as you workout not only you burn that pesky fat, but also burn that precious muscle in your body!

And this Muscle Burning process continues even after workout , at least lasts for the next several hours and even for days!

Following a great diets and restricted meal plans might help, but it only does very little change though.

The hard truth is, if your body is not fed a steady supply of Branch Chain Amino Acids, the process of gaining lean muscles would be grueling and brutal!

But the Queen Intra Work contains all the essential BCAAs and More; needed to shape that Lean Muscle, perfect for your Dream Body!

BCAA is the Key
to Achieving Lean and Toned Muscles
for your Dream Body!

What is BCAA anyway?

Branched Chain Amino Acids
are the "Essential" amino acids that your body can't make and so you have to eat them. And there are Three of them.

helps with energy uptake and preserves protein breakdown

in charge with biosynthesis of proteins

deeply associated with tissue regeneration, and metabolism.

So much scientific terms right? Well to put it simply. BCAA makes up the nutrient Protein.

And we all know how Protein works. It boosts energy, helps lose fat, and most importantly, it promotes muscle growth

I just have to eat Lots of protein then?

Unfortunately, No…
It’s not enough

Because not all of the protein we eat can’t be fully digested and utilized by our body, that's just how your body naturally functions

So even when you’re eating clean, healthy and with lots of protein, your body can still be deficient of BCAAs

So what Happens if I don’t have enough BCAAs?

From Constructive-Metabolic State, where the body is naturally burning Fats while Building Muscle

Your body turns your system to a Full-blown Destructive-Metabolic State where the muscles are wasted away as you store more and more fats.

Never Turn On Your Body’s Destructive-Metabolic State Ever!
Achieve Your Dream Body Easily Using Queen Intra
By Activating Constructive-Metabolic State!

Queen Intra burns fat and builds lean muscle as it activates your constructive-metabolic state!

By Speeding up protein synthesis for faster muscle building and recovery!

Improve glucose metabolism for increased energy using the fats as the fuel!

Gain More Lean Muscle Mass, Enhance Endurance ,Recover Rapidly Between Workout and Help Maintain Muscle While Dieting

Have the right amount of BCAA from Queen Intra Work and completely shut down Destructive-Metabolic State

I don’t really want to have muscles though…

What you don’t want is the

makes you look Sexier and Prettier!


Never Turn On Your Body’s Destructive-Metabolic State Ever!
Achieve Your Dream Body Easily Using Queen Intra
By Activating Constructive-Metabolic State!

INTRA is Perfect as Pre-Workout

To ensure your body has the enough energy it needs for rapid protein synthesis as you train. This prevents muscle loss and promotes muscle gain.

INTRA is Perfect Post-Workout

To keep your body from crashing into a Destructive-Metabolic State after you train. This also helps your body produce more lean muscles and burn fat after working out

INTRA is Perfect for Morning or between-meal

To keep essential proteins flowing through your system from the start of the day. Between meals would also be great just do your own tweaking to know what your body prefers.

Perfect for Diet

During periods of under-eating, making sure your muscles are never deprived of nutrients while dieting, helping you keep your hard-earned lean muscle while melting body fat.

Perfect tasting Juice

So delicious that you’ll actually look forward to drinking it every day.Plus it mixes easily and highly soluble so it’s easily absorbed and utilized by your body.

Some supplements use cheap BCAAs in Skewed Ratios,
Low-grade BCAAs are harder to absorb,
and some don’t even have real BCAA inside!

So Drink Queen Intra alone for
a Fast, Proven and Better Results!

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