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As we know, nothing DESTROYS progress like a ‘Fat Loss Sticking Point’ where your body just does not respond to losing weight anymore…

Because the human body is designed that whenever we try to lose weight, it fights back by releasing the hormones Ghrelin and Cortisol.

When these negative hormones start flooding your body. It will make your progress slow and brutal.

As if it’s impossible for you to carry out your plan to lose weight completely.

But with the Queen Formula

Not only does this miracle capsule block these negative hormones

But it puts your body in a PRIME Fat Loss State.

After blocking bad hormones…

The Queen Formula SUPERCHARGES your metabolism through the boosting of your Fat Loss hormone Leptin. Now your body will treat the fat stores inside it as if it’s just a piece of paper going into a shredder. Fat will MELT off your body at an incredible rate ESPECIALLY when combining it with the Dream Body Academy
With Our Brand New QUEEN FORMULA, not only you will lose weight a lot faster, but it will also:

You have probably thought to yourself....





Why do we feel this way right? What is our real issue?

I know there will be a time that you will lose motivation to work out and rather just stay in bed, scroll your phone or probably just relax and sleep…

There will always be that strong force inside you wanting to SATISFY that insatiable cravings for sweets and fatty foods rather than minding your calorie intake…
Or a time that you just want to procrastinate and not be productive because you feel tired for no reason…
But I’m telling you…



Our body has 3 main hormones that greatly impacts how we feel, how quickly we lose weight and our energy levels.

As you follow the Dream body academy and lose the weight you gained over the years. Your body will definitely react greatly. Due to not being used to having that low amount of fat inside you.

To deal with that, it will release Ghrelin, a hormone that is produced mainly by the stomach. It is termed the ‘hunger hormone’ for it will stimulate your appetite and will increase your food intake to promote fat storage

Also because of the drastic change your body is experiencing from all the fats you are losing in that short period of time. It will naturally feel pressured and stressed. 

That is when the hormone Cortisol reacts. Also known as the “stress hormone, rises during tension-filled times. That makes your blood sugar crave sugary and fatty foods. This also makes your stomach feel like a never ending pitt that just wants food. 

With this Hormone duo working together. This is why it’s hard to lose weight and why you have monstrous cravings after working out. As a result “Fat-Loss Sticking Points” exist, making your weightloss journey brutally hard and painfully slow!

knowing this...

What Is The Right Solution?

This is where the hormone Leptin comes in. Produced by your fat cells and also
called the “signaling hormone or satiety hormone“.
It reduces appetite and makes you feel full.

As its main role is to communicate with
the brain to regulate appetite and food intake.

This is the mechanism of our body to prevent us from getting fat.
But it only does very little on it’s own.

For we found out that the teamwork of Ghrelin and Cortisol over powers Leptin, 2 to 1.
This is why we formulated the QUEEN FORMULA! 

The Queen Formula

Using the 9 incredible ingredients we incorporated inside this magic pill, the QUEEN FORMULA will;

SUPERCHARGE your fat burning hormone Leptin, promoting Fat Loss Rates Dramatically

SUPPRESS bad hormones Ghrelin and Cortisol, that creates ‘Fat-Loss Sticking Points’. Resulting to have all your hunger and craving be completely taken away. 

At the same time giving more than enough energy to do everything you need to do.

How did we do it?

21 long years of extensive research, a total of 9 Incredible Ingredients and 1 exceptional Professor are what it took to create this Amazing Formula.

Countless testimonies proving beyond all reasonable doubt how effective the QUEEN FORMULA is!
So many happy clients say this made them achieve the BEST VERSION of themselves in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE!

On an average, most supplements out there in the market today are just using about 3 base ingredients for their fat loss formula.

With the QUEEN FORMULA on the other hand, not only we doubled that, but we  made it 3 times more!

Selecting 9  of the MOST EFFECTIVE and UNIQUE INGREDIENTS among the best ingredients we can find. And making sure through our extensive research, that these ingredients will work together in SYNERGY.

Fat Loss Has Never Been Easier Than With The Queen Formula…
What’s these 9 ingredients you ask?


Phenylethylamine HCI


L – Tyrosine

Green Tea Extract

Raspberry Ketones

Yohimbe Bark

Kola Nut

L – Carnitine

L-Carnitine main dietary sources are meat, fish and some other animal products, such as milk. L-Carnitine plays a crucial role in the production of energy by transporting fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria. As the main function of mitochondria is to act like the engine within your cells that burns fats to create usable energy. It also helps increase mitochondrial function, which plays a key role in disease and healthy aging. Other benefits of L-carnitine includes:

With all these amazing ingredients and their numerous health benefits plus our top of the notch advanced process and facility to compress all this amazingness in one pill.

We are more than sure that this will be the only formula that you will ever need. To FINALLY conquer the “fat-loss sticking points” you are struggling with.

Queen Formula

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If you are not experiencing the EASIEST transformation to your DREAM BODY after combining the Dream Body Academy and the QUEEN FORMULA,
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