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“Working full time and being a mother of two kids does not leave me with a lot of time. I am so glad that Coach Shane made my program EXTREMELY simple to follow” – Linda

“I never thought I would never be able to wear bikini ever again” – Shardai

“Despite my medical conditions I achieved my Dream Body” – Faith

“I lived as my fake self for almost my entire life. I never dreamed of ever being able to wear a bikini. Thank God I was wrong!”

This Women Lived As Their Fake Self For Too Long
But With The KaiserFit App
They Finally Became Their TRUE Self
The KaiserFit App has helped thousands of women just like this become their TRUE Self.  Their REAL Self. The woman they were always destined to be…
If they can do it…
Why can’t you?
Are you ready to become your TRUE self?
(the woman you were always meant to be)
Hi. I’m Coach Shane.

For the last 13 years of my life I have been doing 1 thing… Transforming the bodies and lives of thousands of women and men…

I started off as a mens body transformation expert…

Then I moved on to becoming a celebrity trainer, athlete trainer and model trainer.

And then I realized something… women needed me the most.

Due to women’s hormones, metabolic damage and other factors… I noticed that women generally had a much harder time losing weight than men.

So I put all my focus on helping women become the best version of themselves.

And The results were incredible!

But I never started off as one of the world’s leading Body Transformation Experts…

I used to be just like you.

I lived as the FAKE me for most of my life.

I was not born with amazing genetics or a great metabolism. Most of my family is overweight.

I tried every single program out there and every time I did… I made a tiny bit of progress with a tiny step forward…. Only to undo all my hard work and effort by taking 3 steps back! 

Keto – I thought this was the key but my progressed stalled after a few pounds lost and then I gained everything back (if not more weight)

Paleo – Same as Keto. A bit of progress at the start and then everything came to a halt!

Low Carb – I had no energy and very minimal results.

Fasting – Nothing happened at all for me. Weight stayed exactly the same.

These approaches and countless other diets led me to crashing my metabolism, damaging it and gaining weight as a result.

After a while, I developed heart issues, I ended up in the hospital with a doctor telling me that losing weight was the only way for me to get better.

You know what my doctor told me to do?

I see you with your chicken breast, broccoli and protein shakes.

When I told him I had been dieting for the last 10 years of my life, he had this weird look on his face like he was confused and didn’t believe me…

He told me to diet harder. Longer. And more extreme.

Even though I knew this wouldn’t work (because I had done this for so many years), I listened.

I spent 3 hours on a treadmill and cut out all carbs. Lowered my calories and starved myself…

I lost a TINY amount of weight in 2 weeks and then for the next 3 weeks… Nothing happened…

The one day as I dragged my mopey body over to the treadmill at the gym… This man approached me.

He was in AMAZING shape.

“I hope you don’t find this rude.

I have been seeing you come to the gym for years. You always spend a lot of time here.

I see you with your chicken breast, broccoli and protein shakes.

I really think you are making this much harder for yourself than it needs to be. I have been seeing you go backwards for a while.

I didn’t say anything because it is none of my business… But I overheard your colleagues talk about your heart issues. I really want to help you.

Losing weight and transforming yourself is so easy if you know what you are doing.”

Now… This was a lot to take in… But I had nothing better to do. I was going to be stuck on the treadmill for the next 3 hours. So I let him keep talking.

I found out his name was Mark. Mark was a Professor who had been studying obesity for most of his life.

What he shared with me was mind boggling knowledge that was the EXACT opposite of what I had been taught…
Eat more. Eat food you love. Workout less. It made me VERY skeptical…

But I had no other choice. I was stuck. I had nowhere else to go. So I let him coach me and guide me…

And in just 3 and a half monthsI was the REAL me!

The TRUE Shane was born.

Ever since my life changed… I have made it my life mission to help share everything I learned with the world.

I want women all around the world to see how easy transforming into your best self really is


“I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about how I was going to say a speech

in front of 500 people for my sister’s wedding”

“I had a 90 day deadline to get in the best shape of my life…”

“When you love your body and yourself…
You will surprise even yourself with your confidence
Here Is How The KaiserFit App Transformation System is COMPLETELY Different From Anything you may have tried…

ALL of the most famous diets in the world get popular because they give Short Term ‘False Hope’.

They promise you the world but they only can give you short term results…

You start the new ‘diet’, see the scale move, tell everyone about it and get your hopes up!

And then… Soon enough, you hit a roadblock. Nothing changes anymore. Weight stays the same.

Then… No matter how hard you try, nothing budges. You are putting in all this effort for no progress…

The only problem now is, your metabolism is shot. Weight piles on like crazy. Metabolic Damage has just taken its toll.

Keto. Paleo. No Carb. Low Carb. Low Fat. Low Calorie. All of the world’s most famous diets are all built around ‘False Hope’ and cause Metabolic Damage…

The KaiserFit App does everything COMPLETELY different from everything you have tried in the past…

Our approach REVERSES Metabolic Damage and get your body trained to eat MORE FOOD!

And the BEST way to reverse Metabolic Damage is through a process called ‘Adipose Discharge’ which works in 3 phases:
Phase 1 – Testing Phase

Every program starts by taking away your favorite food and restricting your calories. I do the opposite. I will show you how much you SHOULD be eating and how much food your body needs to function in a prime metabolic state.

Phase 2 – Metabolism Boosting Phase

After finding out the TRUE amount of food your body can handle, we now increase that food even more through the metabolism boosting phase to TRAIN Your body to eat more food. This is where women can double or even triple their food intake while losing weight!

Phase 3 – Maximum Fat Loss

Most Diets & Programs take away your favorite foods, cause Metabolic Damage and give you false hope through EXTREME restriction.

On these programs you may see some progress in the beginning but everything comes to almost an immediate HALY!

There will be NONE of that here!

Adipose Discharge will shed those pounds in the easiest and most efficient way you have ever experienced…

Now that your metabolism is PRIMED and ready to go… We go into the final phase! Phase 3 – Maximum Fat Loss!

Now it is time for results! And with the foundations from Phase 1 and 2 in place, results will be fast and furious!

Clients have called this phase ‘mind boggling’ because they could not believe how much they were losing while eating more food than they had ever eaten before…

Phase 3 is where you will see yourself in the mirror LITERALLY TRANSFORMING into your best self ever!

And The Best Part Is…You Will Be Eating Food You Love Everyday While Losing Weight

If you are ready to start the journey to your Best Self Ever… Click below and start for FREE!


“I got to a point in my life where I was ashamed to go out…
In case I ran into someone I knew and they saw how much I bigger I had become”

“I am a totally different person today… I LOVE going out and running into people. I LOVE taking photos. I LOVE myself and who I have become.

KaiserFit’s program, the community and the coaches have given me a new lease on life”

“I am a totally different person today… I LOVE going out and running into people. I LOVE taking photos. I LOVE myself and who I have become.

KaiserFit’s program, the community and the coaches have given me a new lease on life”

Who exactly is our ‘Fake Self’?

When we were young… We imagined ourselves growing up to become someone special…

Our Fake Self is the OPPOSITE of that.

Our fake self is someone we never imagined we would become…

This person feels like an imposter. Someone we almost don’t recognize. So far away from the person we dreamed of becoming.

But the good news is… The KaiserFit App has ONE purpose and goal….

To get rid of this person, remove the mask and help you become your TRUE self. Your BEST self!

Who exactly is our ‘REAL Self’ ?

Our REAL Self is our TRUE self!

This is the person we always imagined we would become when we grew up.

We imagined being amazing!

We imagined being special!

We imagined we would take on the world and love every minute of it!

And This is EXACTLY What You Will Achieve And More With The KaiserFit App.

You Can Become Your Best Self Ever. Get Your Dream Body. And Enjoy Life As The BEST Version Of Yourself!

Here Is EVERYTHING You Get To Help You Become Your Best Self Ever

Fat Loss Super System

The KEY To Your Dream Body And Your Best Self Ever
Advanced Video Program PACKED With Secrets Showing you EXACTLY how to melt fat STEP BY STEP. Fat Loss Will Never Be The Same Again. You Will Be Melting Pounds Of Fat Off Your Body In Your Sleep.

Goddess Body Blueprint

Literally SCULPT & Build Your Dream Body To Perfection!

Home workouts and Gym workouts that are designed for womens bodies specifically and produce AMAZING results in minimal time. No matter what your fitness level is, there is a routine for you.

8 Week Beginners Masterclass

The PERFECT routine for women who are just starting working out OR restarting after a long time off.

Can Be Completed In 1 Day Per Week Or Spread across 3 Days Per Week

8 Week – Beyond Basics Masterclass

When you are familiar with the basics and are ready to supercharge your results, this level of training is PERFECT for you. This is where you can expect visible progress week after week!

Can Be Completed in 3 Days Per Week

8 Week – Next Level Masterclass

This level is for our Queens who want to go even further. Sculpt that body, develop that perky booty and tone that body even more.

Can Be Completed in 3 Days Per Week

8 Week Intermediate Masterclass

Not every woman makes it here. This is only for women who want to become ELITE! Women who want to look like models, Hollywood actresses, bikini competitors and figure models. This will be a challenge, but WELL worth it when you see the incredible results.

Can Be Completed in 4 Days Per Week

Advanced Training Masterclass

If you have been training for more than one year and still want to continue to make amazing progress… This is the ULTIMATE program for you! Ensure that you do not hit plateaus and continue to pack on beautiful toned muscle

Can Be Completed in 4 Days Per Week

Meal Plan Masterclass

Get Meal Plans That Have Created The Most AMAZING Transformations!

Would You Love To Have In Your Hand The EXACT Meal Plans That My Clients Have Used To Transform Themselves Into Their Best Self? That is Exactly what you get with the Meal Plan Masterclass.

The most amazing, delicious and effective meal plans that are responsible for shredding 30, 50, 70, 100+ Pounds OR MORE!

These are meal plans for women of all bodies, ages, weight and metabolisms.

Get access to over 2 years worth of meal plans so you NEVER run out of ideas ever again and so you know EXACTLY what works.

Fat Loss Food Hacks

Make Every Bite Of Food Delicious & Enjoyable So You Love What You Eat Every Day!

The biggest challenge when trying to transform is feeling like you have to eat food that make you miserable. The second biggest challenge is staying full.

That is EXACTLY why this program was created! With the Fat Loss Food Hacks Video Course you will show you secret ways of making all your meals delicious, filling and nutritious.

Never go hungry again… Never crave again and NEVER fall off your plan ever again!

Forever Fat Loss

Once Your Transformation Is Complete… This Is The BluePrint To Keep That Body FOREVER

The sad reality most women go through after losing weight is almost all of them gain the weight back. This is clear proof Diets do NOT work.

With The KaiserFit App… Your life will be different. Our goal is to not only help you become your best self and get your Dream Body, but also keep it forever.

When your transformation is complete and you have your Dream Body… It is time to use the Forever Fat Loss Program to ramp up your metabolism even further and not gain any of the weight back!

Mega Cookbook Collection

Eat Healthy and Delicious alternatives to your favorite foods that taste EVEN better than the unhealthy version!

Get these amazing cookbooks that will give you endless ideas and options so you never get bored of what you eat every again:

Pasta, Pizza, Burgers, Meatball Subs and countless other delicious recipes that melt fat effortlessly. Never feel like you are ‘dieting’ ever again

Ice Cream, Brownies, Cookies, Pop Tarts and so many other favorites. Only now… Not only does each bite taste amazing, but each bite will be taking you closer to your Dream Body

1 minute smoothies that fill you up, taste great and are PACKED with vitamins, minerals and nutrients

The Perfect Recipe Book for Vegans, Vegetarians and Pescetarians. Protein rich and delicious recipes that will make sure you hit your goals and transform yourself

And for a limited time… All new clients get these amazing bonuses for FREE

Get the Ultimate Support System With Help, Mentoring and Support from World Class Coaches & Community Managers 24/7

Got A Question? Feeling Stuck? Fallen Off The Wagon? Not Sure What To Do? Post In Our Private Community Anytime And We Will Help You

You NEED Help. You NEED Support. You NEED Motivation. You NEED A Community. You NEED Accountability. This is why you will Join The Women Who Are on This Journey with you In Our Private Facebook Group.

Get This Magical Spreadsheet that can GUARANTEE you lose fat and make sure your fat loss never stalls EVER again! You will know EXACTLY What To Do week after week to keep results coming with the Dream Body Tracker

Track all your workouts and progress so you know exactly what you need to do in order to keep progress coming every single week.


“When I hit 40… My biggest fears began to surface.

Ending up alone forever was my biggest fear”

“Also… Seeing myself in photos DEVASTATED me… Photos showed me just how far I had let myself go”

“Coach Shane. The Kaiserfit team. The community. They showed me a better way than Keto. Paleo. Low Carb. They gave me a real sustainable path to fat loss, incredible motivation and accountability.”

“Today I am living the life as the woman I always dreamed of being. In her dream body with her dream man!”

You can read each program and get step by step summaries on exactly what you need to do! Get our incredible programs in written format so you can go through everything in your own time, at your own pace and make your own notes!

All of our latest client breakthroughs and discoveries will be added to the app!

Frequently Asked Questions:

There is no catch at all. You still have to do the work and execute the plan! And the reason this sounds too good to be true is that I am the first coach in the world who has created a program so affordable and made having access to a coach like me so affordable that any woman can afford to join the Dream Body Academy. Your health, happiness and appearance are very important to me and Coach Rita

I am trying to accomplish my mission of changing the bodies and lives of 1 million woman around the world by giving them REAL information they need.

This is NOT just a meal plan. This is NOT just a diet. This is NOT just a gym routine. It goes way beyond all of that. This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM that gives you everything that you need to be successful INCLUDING two World Class Coaches in myself and Coach Rita. You will have everything you need on this journey!

Once again, I am THAT confident you will see the results of your life that you have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you try this program and do not lose any weight, please email us at for a FULL refund! But… I am sure you will not be doing this because we have the LOWEST refund rate in the entire industry.

Try it free of charge for the next 7 days! Just say “maybe” now and decide after the free trial Period. If you like the program, which we’re sure you would, you can proceed and  avail our monthly subscription for the very low price of $27.00 only!

Please consult your doctor about any medical conditions. From my experience, this program has worked for 100% of the women and men who have used it WITHOUT FAIL. Many of our clients have had thyroid diseases, diabetes, back injuries, knee injuries, terrible metabolisms, horrible genetics, the list goes on and on. But the Dream Body Academy did NOT fail them! They all lost the fastest weight of their life.

Please consult your doctor about any medical conditions. From my experience, this program has worked for 100% of the women and men who have used it WITHOUT FAIL. Many of our clients have had thyroid diseases, diabetes, back injuries, knee injuries, terrible metabolisms, horrible genetics, the list goes on and on. But the Dream Body Academy did NOT fail them! They all lost the fastest weight of their life.

Absolutely. Thousands of our clients are Vegan or Vegetarian. You can easily make adjustments to your meal plan.

Easy! This is what the first 30 days are for! Cancel anytime by sending an email to

Absolutely NOT. Most of the fat loss is done OUTSIDE the gym. If you do want to go to the gym, we have some smart workout routines you can follow that can speed up your results though

Absolutely NOT. We have helped thousands of women and men accomplish their Dream Body. Just look at our thousands of followers on Instagram and the thousands of women we have helped transform