How To Lose 98.6 Pounds Of Fat With Ease…
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Coach Rita Lost 45 Pounds in 2.5 Months

Coach Rita completed an incredible body transformation after learning the secrets from Coach Shane.

She went from an out of shape personal trainer to a bikini model.

She has gone on to use these secrets to help THOUSANDS of women transform their body and life!

Coach Shane Lost 57 Pounds in 3.5 Months

Coach Shane struggled with this weight almost his entire life… Until he found a mentor who showed him how easy fat loss really can be…

He has spent 12 years of his life showing women all of his fat loss secrets so they can have the body they have always wanted without sacrificing food, their happiness or their health…

The Following Transformation Took Nikita From Being Obese...
To Melting Off 98.6 Pounds Of Fat in 5 Months And Wearing A Bikini For the First Time In Her Life!

What made you decide to lose weight and turn your life around Nikita?

“I felt Disgusted in myself when I used to looked in the mirror…”- Nikita

“There were 3 things that happened to me that made me decide to transform my body and turn my life around…
The first was work. People at work seemed to have lost their respect for me. Every time I gave my opinion, people would look at me funny and sort of look at me with disgust in their eyes…As if they were saying “how can we trust you or your opinion, when you cannot even look after your body and your health. “
I tried my best to ignore this and tell myself I was just being paranoid…But I also overheard 3 girls talking about
me in the kitchen at work…One girl said “I can’t believe how much she has let herself go. She shouldn’t be wearing the clothes she wears now. It isn’t a good look at all”.
That really hurt me… In the same week…I was heading to work on the train when a woman told me… ”Sweetie… You probably should not be wearing what you are wearing” as I was wearing a smaller t-shirt with my stomach fat hanging out of it. I had not realized how much I had let myself go and this moment was extremely embarrassing…
Lastly…My relationship was really starting to lose its intimacy. Myself and my partner were hardly ever intimate at all anymore. When we were intimate, it just did not feel the same anymore. This was really starting to cause a strain in my relationship and I was starting to get worried. I decided that enough was enough.
I tried hundreds of diets, many personal trainers and routines and literally nothing worked for me. I spent thousands of dollars trying everything, only to end up fatter…
I found Coach Shane online and everything changed…”
I asked Nikita to take her BEFORE photos so she could see her incredible progress unfold in the coming weeks…

What approaches had you tried in the past?

“I was on Keto for months. I tried Paleo. I counted calories before. Everything worked for a little while, until it didn’t…Then I stopped losing weight completely.
I would then get depressed and start eating normally again, only to gain a huge amount of fat.
I didn’t know how to lose weight. I didn’t know how to win…
I didn’t know why I could not lose weight because I followed everything that I could find on google, YouTube, all the blog posts, advice from my friends. It was really sad…
I starved myself. I got a personal trainer. I was in the gym for 2 hours a day sometimes 6 days per week. 
The worst part was…My work in the gym did not reflect the body that I had. I gave up completely…
It wasn’t until the intimacy in my relationship really died down that I decided to get professional help.”
“Progress was RAPID! I was changing every day it seemed like”

How was working with me different from the approaches you tried before?


I had never heard of a metabolism boosting phase. Nobody had ever told me before that I had to increase my metabolism by eating more. I was so worried about gaining weight. I was so scared…

But after increasing my food, I LOST WEIGHT! I was blown away.

I was eating more food than I ever had before. I was so used to going to bed hungry and struggling to fall asleep. This is when I knew traditional diet approaches are absolute BS!

Then we switched over to a maximum fat loss phase and felt was literally flying off my body. I was so used to killing myself in the gym and sticking to my diet, yet when I looked at the scale, it would barely move. Now on a weekly basis I was seeing 5-6 pounds drop off the scale. I was so amazed.

Everything was so easy to do and sticking to my eating plan was the best part. I was eating food I loved every day.

Fat Loss is EASY with the RIGHT System…

Overcoming Metabolic Damage

Nikita had a severe case of metabolic damage. The diets she had tried on the past with the severe

restriction had made her metabolism shut down.
On top of this, she had developed even more issues
which further slowed down her metabolism.
These yo-yo diets and crash diets literally drove her metabolism into the ground so we had to take some time undoing the damage that was done.

We had to reverse the damage that Nikita had done to her metabolism. Her metabolism was so

bad, she was not losing weight on 1000 calories.
This was an EXTREMELY slow metabolism. 

So here is what we did.

2 Months Metabolism Boosting

We spent two whole months increasing Nikitas calories by about 100-150 every week.
Disclaimer- We did not include this in her 5 month transformation period because Nikita’s metabolism was worse than almost 99.6% of the women I have worked with.
This meant that we could not focus on fat loss right away until we got her used to eating a normal amount of food (this level of Metabolic Damage is extremely rare and hardly any woman needs to go to this extent)

During these two months, we took Nikita from 1000 calories ALL THE WAY UP TO 2300

calories. Nikita lost a bit of a fat during this time, but fat loss was not the focus here.
Her metabolism needed to be repaired.

Nikita more than DOUBLED her food during this phase. This allowed her metabolism to improve dramatically and it made the diet FAR easier to stick to because now she was eating plenty of food she loved and enjoyed.

Nikita found this journey incredibly easy once she was on my System…

Maximum Fat Loss Phase

The next 5 months, Nikita lost fat easier and faster than ever before, while eating more food
than ever before. Nikita spent only 1 day at the gym per week and the rest of her fat loss
was done through easy activity that any woman can do with ease.

Here is a breakdown of her fat loss phase:

Calories – 2300
Protein – 172g  Carbs – 172g   Fats – 70g

Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes or Coco Pops- 70 Grams
1 Cup Skim Milk
Protein Shake

Nandos Quarter Chicken (Rotisserie)
1 Medium Fries
Diet Coke

T-Bone Steak
1 Baked Potato

1.5 Cups of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (reduced fat)
Protein Shake

Gym Time
Nikita only did gym work 1 day per week.

Bench Press – 10 -15 Reps – Done 3 times
Deadlift – 10 -15 Reps – Done 3 times
Squats – 10 -15 Reps – Done 3 times

This routine is EXTREMELY simple and EXTREMELY effective. We focused on toning and sculpting Nikita’s body instead of depriving and draining her body with hours of cardio or gym time. The gym was used to build toned beautiful muscle and speed up her metabolism.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be wearing a bikini…”

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Fat Loss Exercises

Nikita lost the majority of her fat using the Maximum Fat Loss Techniques:

Nikita added in 3 ten minute walks after her meals at a semi-intense pace to use the food she ate as energy and to digest her food properly. This also helped increase her total activity for the day. These walks were very easy to do.

Nikita started chewing gum frequently throughout the day which burns approximately burns an extra 150-200 calories through the simple act of constant movement of the jaw. Now 150-200 calories may not be much, but add that up through the week and this could be worth half a pound of fat being burned off.
Nikita also added in some standing up sessions throughout her work day. She worked an office job and this prevented her from burning many calories through the day so these standing up sessions really helped Nikita do some work while standing and burning calories through the day.

Nikita’s Advice

“Look… I was not a women who had to lose 10 pounds. I had to lose close to a 100 pounds. If I can do this and wear a bikini for the first time in my life…You can lose whatever amount of fat you need to. 
If I didn’t go through Coach Shane’s training, I would still be on the hamster wheel looking for the magical diet or pill that would solve all my problems… But instead, I would still be obese and far away from my ideal body. 
Go through Coach Shane’s training, do everything he tells you and prepare to lose more weight than you ever have before!”
No matter your genetics, metabolism or circumstances…YOU TOO CAN DO THIS!!

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