118 Pound Fat Loss Transformation
Marina's EPIC 6 Month Body And Life Changing Journey

Marina At The Start Of Her Journey…

What made you decide to turn your life around Marina?

“To be honest…I was bullied most of my teenage life. All sorts of terrible things were said to me…Ever since I was in my early teens, I was trying to lose weight.
I was ALWAYS trying to better myself and find the diet that was going turn my body into that fit, trim figure. Problem was, it just never happened. I tried low carb diets. I tried paleo. I tried keto. I was on atkins for the longest time.
I purchased workout DVD’s. Went to the gym. I fasted for 16 hours of the day. Everything you can think of, I tried it.
No matter what I tried…I felt I took one step forward, then progress stopped quickly, and shortly after, I took 3 steps backwards. It got the point where nothing would work for me anymore. So…I stopped trying.
Soon… I gained over 100 pounds. I had a heart attack shortly after my 27th Birthday. My doctor told me I needed to diet immediately. He told me life was at risk. I told him I tried EVERYTHING! He didn’t believe me.
I was at a complete loss on what to do…
One day…I saw an incredible transformation from one of my high school friends. She looked AMAZING! I asked her how she did it and she told me“I have an amazing coach. He has made fat loss EASY for the first time in my life”

So I got that Coaches details and got in touch with him. His name is Coach Shane by the way haha! And the rest is history!”

What was different about my system and methods ?

“Well there is no restriction. I was able to eat food I LOVED and enjoyed every day and eat more than I thought possible on a diet. This journey was so easy I couldn’t believe it.
I also followed a VERY easy training and exercise routine with you. I loved doing my easy exercises because they did not make me feel like my heart was going to come out of my chest.

Every other approach before this was about cutting my food next to nothing, starving myself while also killing myself in the gym…ALL for minimal results.”

Fat Loss Secret 1- Increase Your Food!

There is no easy way to put this…But Marina’s metabolism was TERRIBLE! HORRIFIC! SUPPRESSED! I couldn’t believe it. She was eating next to nothing. 1200 calories and not losing a single pound. The first thing we did with Marina was get her body consuming more food.
Based on Marinas weight, she needed to be eating 2500-2750 calories and still be losing weight. So Marina ate more food slowly. 100-150 calories extra were added to her every week. We got Marina to 2750 calories eating a delicious diet, and fat loss was fast and furious!

Remember, your body can get used to eating MORE food just like it gets used to eating LESS food. If your metabolism is slow, there is a good chance these horrible fat diets and yoyo diets have slowed down your metabolism. This is why it’s a great idea to do what Marina did and complete a metabolism reversal by slowly increasing your metabolism.

“I was so insecure. I felt embarrassed just going out…”- Marina

Marina's Diet

Calories- 2750
Protein 200  Carbs 344   Fat 61


Oatmeal Satchels- Walnut and Mixed Spice
Whey Protein
3 Oreos
150 ML Skim Milk


Chicken Schnitzels
4 Wholemeal Toast
Sweet Chili Sauce


Chicken Breast- 200 Grams
2 Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps
Smokey BBQ Sauce
Vegetables-Mixed Vegetables


Protein Shake
Halo Top Ice Cream- 1 Tub
Banana- 150 Grams
Sultana Bran Fibre Cereal-45 Grams
Skim Milk- 150 MLS

118 Pounds Burned Off In 6 Months!

Fat Loss Secret 2- Maximum Fat Loss Exercises

Marina’s Exercise Routine

Deadlift- 10-15 Reps. Done 3 times.
Bench Press- 8-12 Reps. Done 3 times.



Squats- 8-12 Reps. Done 3 times.

Glue Kickbacks- 15-20 Reps. Done 2 times.
Fat Burning Exercises

Marina tracked her standing up time at work and got a standing desk to increase her calorie burning as she was extremely sedentary and not very active if she was not at the gym. Marina tried to stand up for large portions of her morning just to make sure she wasn’t overly

We also introduced 2 ten minute walks after lunch and dinner to spike her metabolism up again.

Marina had a target of 7000 steps per day at the start of her fat loss phase, but we ramped this up as time went on and the weeks went by on her transformation journey.

Marina was skeptical about increasing her food…But the results spoke for themselves!

Fat Loss Secret 2- Maximum Fat Loss Exercises

On my system…You pick the foods you love as long as you hit the numbers I give you. Marina really enjoyed her meals. If you did not enjoy your meals, you would not stick to the system.

If you speed up your metabolism the right way, you can have foods that make you feel like you are not even dieting.

If you feel like you are suffering every day. If you wake up thinking “I have no idea how I am going to do this”. If you feel the difficulty every single day of the diet you are on…Or if you feel the strain of your diet every time you take a bite of your food…You are doing it wrong!
The most important thing in any transformation is adherence. You need to be able to stick to what you are doing. At no point during Marina’s transformation did I give her a cookie cutter diet of chicken breast and broccoli.

When most of my clients come to me, this is what they expect. A magical diet. The best diet is the one that you can stick to for a long period of time. This is why my clients all focus on their calories individual to their metabolism and the macronutrients that will help them burn pure fat and keep it off.

“I stopped believing I would ever wear a bikini in my life. Coach Shane’s methods are amazing”

Marina's Final Words

“The journey to your ideal body and your real self is easy when you have a coach. When you have support. When someone is in your corner showing you every step of the way what you need to do.
When you are on this journey alone, it is extremely difficult. Progress stops, you second guess yourself, you binge, you go on a different diet, you struggle, you suffer…All while your metabolism is being driven to the ground getting slower and slower.

With a coach, you know every step of the way what to do. My fat loss was rapid and permanent. 
I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a guide with you.”

“I was so ashamed I could not lose any weight before my wedding day…”
“Now. Me and my husband both feel like the best version of ourselves. We couldnt be any happier. I am so glad he came on this journey with me”

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