82 Pound Fat Loss Journey​
How Linda Lost 82 Pounds and Toned Her Body
To Perfect in 4.5 Months

“This was the easiest transformation ever. Far easier than I imagined”
– Linda

Linda what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“Well I was getting older and I could tell my metabolism was nowhere near what it used to be. I never used to gain weight in my 20’s. In my 30s, I was gaining fat no matter what I was doing. So it got to the point where I gained 75 pounds.
I was not happy with myself at all.  So I decided it was time for a change. I did not want to wake up one day and be 100 pounds overweight or even more. I didn’t want to make it even harder for myself to lose the extra weight.
I wanted to be a great mother to my kids. I wanted to have energy. I wanted to be active. I didn’t want to feel tired and sluggish all the time. I wanted to be in great shape, in great health and I wanted to have energy for my family. “

Before working with me and Coach Rita, what did you do to lose weight?

“I joined the gym. I went to many classes to lose weight. Spin classes, aerobic classes, boxing classes. I really could not see any real results. I cut out carbs completely for a very long time with very little to show for it. I tried every popular approach you can think of. But I could not lose any real significant weight.
When I found your Dream Body Accelerator program, I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing your training and your clients results, I decided to enroll and try it for myself. 82 pounds in 4 and a half months later, safe to say, this was the best invest I have ever made in myself! ”
Linda likes a good fishing session!

What was different when you started working with us?

Well first of all… The eating plan I had was absolutely delicious lol! I could have never imagined being able to eat as much good food as I did while continuing to lose fat every week.
I also loved how my changes to my diet were gradual. I still went out to eat at restaurants and I was able to get away with a lot. Only for my final 3 weeks of my diet did I have to cut back on things like burgers or pizza.
Lastly, the workout plan was amazing. So easy to stick to. Before I would be in the gym for hours. I would do a workout class. Then go do weights. Then I would jump on a treadmill. I was walking around in there like a headless chicken.

Now I go to the gym 2-3 times per week only and I spend maybe 20-30 minutes each session just focusing on toning and sculpting my body. The workouts are extremely fun and easy. I can get in and out and truth be told, I am in better shape now than I ever have been while doing less than half of the work

Linda’s Fat Loss Diet

Calories 2200

Protein – 160 Grams     Carbs – 280 Grams     Fat – 50 Grams

1 Homemade Ham and Egg Wrap (2 eggs, 100 grams of egg whites, 3 rashers of honey leg ham in a large tortilla bread)
1 Moccha (Made from 1 serving of skim milk, 1 tablespoon of Nesquik chocolate powder and stevia sweetener)


Healthy Homemade Pizza  on a pita bread wrap with reduced fat pepperoni, reduced fat cheese, chicken breast and reduced fat cheese. The base is a regular pizza tomato base.


Linda Eats out at work for this meal and this meal is usually the following:
Nandos Chicken Burger and chips

1 Diet Coke

1 Subway Foot long (Chicken Fillet on wheat bread with all salads minus onions and jalepenos and with Marinara sauce or honey mustard)
1 Diet Coke

“Working full time and being a mother of two kids does not leave me with a lot of time. I am so glad that Coach Shane made my program EXTREMELY simple to follow”

Linda’s Feedback

“My diet was very flexible and I changed it around often every time I got bored. The only thing that was important to me was hitting my calories and macronutrient goals. This was easy.
I would calculate my calories a few days in advance for the meals I wanted to have and this made life stress free because I didn’t calculate my calories every day.
If one day I woke up and didn’t feel like something, I would take 2-3 minutes and recalculate everything for that day and life is easy. 
Every makes calculating calories seem like a big deal. IT IS SO EASY! It also lets you live a very flexible life. You just need to plan a little bit in advance, and if you feel like you want to eat something different, that is okay too, just make the adjustments and move on. 
You absolutely NEED to download myfitnesspal. It will save your life!”

Linda's Workout Routine


Squats – 8-12 Reps – Done 3 times
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts – 6-10 Reps – Done 2 times


Bench Press- 8-12 Reps- Done 3 times
Seated Row Machine (Back sculpting Exercise)- 20 reps or more- Done 3 times


Deadlifts- 8-12 Reps- Done 3 times
Glute Kickback Machine (for the booty)- 20+ reps- Done 2 times

“I finally have confidence to wear dresses that show my body instead of hide it…”

Fat Burning Exercises

Linda would take 3 walks spread throughout her day after 3 of her meals. They were 10 minutes each. The pace was semi-intense. She could talk normally during the walk but not sing as she was pushing the envelope.

Linda would chew gum throughout her entire day which would burn approximately 200 calories per day to fuel more fat burning.
Linda also had a step goal of 7000 steps per day which she reached EASILY through her 3 ten minute walks.

Metabolism Boosting Phase

We spent 4 weeks speeding Linda’s metabolism up.
We increased her calories about 100-150 calories at a time. Her metabolism was suppressed so she was not eating many calories at all on her 0 carb diet, but we introduced the calories back slowly and could see her body responded well by actually losing a little bit of weight during the metabolism boosting phase.

When Linda reached 2200 calories, we switched over to the maximum fat loss phase then fat loss was rapid! 5 pounds of fat lost in the first week.

Linda's Final Words

“I signed up the Dream Body Accelerator after years of trying to lose weight. False promises were made to me all the time. I was very sceptical because nothing had delivered for me. But after the first week, I knew things were different.
The approach this program has to fat loss and metabolism boosting is unbelievable. I never expected the results to come this fast.
If you are hesitant, put everything aside and enroll in the program. 
Coach Shane and Coach Rita are geniuses transforming bodies. Invest in yourself and you won’t regret it.”

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